Distributors, providers,brokers, traders, merchants

The distributors are the agents or brokers who supplies good to the retailers in the markets. The distributor works in the local and the global markets. The distributors are the main source of the retailers as they get the bulk market products available from the distributors. The distributors will receive the market products from the whole sellers which in turn supplied to the retailers by the distributors.

A distributor in business is the one who sells the merchandise in a b2b market place and takes a more active role in the business. He is an intermediary between the manufacturer of a product and an entity in the distribution channel engaged in distribution of a certain category of goods to retailers in a b2b market place.

Distributors are the link between the end customers and the manufactures of the product or provider of the service in a b2b market place. To Become a Successful Distributor, we should know the primary activities of a distributor at once.  Distributors in a b2b market place sell the product, which the wholesalers then deliver. Distributors can also sell to a retailer, who then sells to the customer. Becoming a distributor depends on the specific company and distributorship.

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